Text 13 Jan 31 notes I also drank my first pint of Guinness in about 5 years.

Guinness sucks. Where the hell is the taste? 

  1. knifeladder said: Have you had Brooklyn There Will be Black?
  2. awkward-poo said: it’s gross
  3. attheageofdecay said: It’s cliche, but it’s better in Ireland. US stuff is brewed in some shithole in east canada and is thrash brewed for american tastes.
  4. fritopie said: Bah. I love it. Mother’s Milk.
  5. thewomanofkleenex said: The Guinness imported to the U.S. is like, inferior Guinness. You can get the stronger one, it’s called “Guinness Import” or “Guiness Export” or something like that.
  6. istealforksfromrestaurants said: The Guiness that comes in the glass bottle, I want to say it’s special export maybe, seems to have a lot more flavor than the pub can.
  7. briefhistoryofamazingletdowns replied:
  8. onabicyclefortwo said: I think it tastes like steak dipped in bad chocolate. Not a good combination.
  9. purepopfornowpeople said: I like Guiness, but I like IPAs a lot more.
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