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purepopfornowpeople replied to your post: I also drank my first pint of Guinness in about 5 years.

I like Guiness, but I like IPAs a lot more.

IPAs are the only beers that I don’t enjoy. I keep trying them and waiting for my taste buds to get with the program, but I don’t think it is going to happen. 

  1. imathers said: I like IPAs, but only in moderation
  2. velveteenrabbit said: ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO!!!! i will drink them if someone’s real excited about the one they got/brought but even with super-spicy foods i’d really rather a good lager to an IPA.
  3. istealforksfromrestaurants said: I can’t do IPA’s either. I don’t dig on a lot of hops, tastes like armpits. I mean.. you know.. I think it is what armpits taste like.
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